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Most Popular Halloween Candy in Alabama Featured

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By Chloe Monte:


The website, Influencer, recently surveyed 40,000 influencers to find out what Halloween candies were the most popular in each state.  


Most states preferred chocolate goodies, such as, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kats, or surgery delights, such as, Candy Corns. 


But those were not the only treats people preferred.  In fact, the list was quite diverse.  Mississippians loved Hershey’s Kisses while Georgians preferred Pixy Stixs. 


The people of Alabama, however, preferred AirHeads!  Very interesting. AirHeads are delicious, so I am not surprised to find out that they ranked so highly.  So, Alabamains, if you want to be the popular house on the block, you know what candy to give out! 


To find out more about how other states ranked, click here


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