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Hangout Festival Guide: Who to See at the Second Day of Hangout 2016 (Saturday, May 21)

20 May 2016
Hangout Festival Guide: Who to See at the Second Day of Hangout 2016 (Saturday, May 21) Hangout Music Festival

Saturday at the 2016 Hangout Festival is packed with great offerings, including several noteworthy alt-rock groups with a decidedly grunge bent. These are some of the best bets, so be sure to jot down your favorites so you can catch them all.



Stick Figure (reggae/dub) Hangout Stage

Jai Wolf (electronic/dance/hip-hop) Boom Boom Tent

Koa (rock/soul) BMI Stage 

Now that you’re warmed up, it’s time to dive deep into the musical offerings of Hangout 2016. To start the day on Saturday, there’s the obligatory reggae band on the sand with Stick Figure. For electronic music lovers, Jai Wolf will be supplying a groovy, hip-hop infused electro set in the Boom Boom Tent. Lastly, there’s Koa, a soulful, beachy rock-n-roll band from Nashville on the BMI Stage.


Magic Man (electronic rock/alternative) Surf Stage

Kaleo (blues/folk/rock) AXS TV Stage

The Record Company (rock/blues) Mermaid Stage

Jerry Folk (electronic/house/chill) Malibu Beach House

In an unfortunate scheduling scenario, rock-n-roll fans will have to choose between three—count ‘em, three—rock acts in the same time slot. For alternative music fans, Magic Man will be blending elements of electronic music into his catchy rock songs on the Surf Stage. Meanwhile Icelandic bluesy folk-rock band will be performing on the AXS TT Stage, which is much safer than their usual venue of inside a volcano (yes, there’s a video on YouTube). For a true blues experience, check out The Record Company, who are heavily influenced by the early electric blues masters like John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters. If rock ain’t your thing, Jerry Folk returns to the Malibu Beach House to lay down some beats you can move to.


X Ambassadors (alternative rock/indie) Hangout Stage

Tourist (electronic/dance/house) Boom Boom Tent

Hardy and the Hardknocks (grunge/Southern rock) BMI Stage

In the 1:30 slot for Saturday, the surging X Ambassadors will show you why their alternative music is better than you thought after hearing “Renegades” on a Jeep commercial. Meanwhile, Tourist will keep things going electronically in the Boom Boom Tent with some deep house music. If you’re looking for something new and relatively undiscovered, Hardy and the Hardknocks blend grunge with good ol’ fashioned Southern rock, complete with lap steel.


Bear Hands (alternative/punk/electronic) Surf Stage


Kurt Vile and the Violators (rock/singer-songwriter) AXS TV Stage

Lizzo (pop/soul/hip-hop) Mermaid Stage

Speaker of the House (DJ/house/dance) Malibu Beach House

The 2:30 block of Saturday is the hybrid hour for Saturday since none of the artists clearly fits into a genre. For example, Bear Hands mixes electro-alternative sounds with punk-rock vocals and structure for a hectic, but fun experience. Kurt Vile takes the singer-songwriter genre out of the coffee shop and runs it through a distortion pedal for maximum grit. Lizzo sings her catchy hip-hop hooks like a world-renowned gospel singer, but only between her ruthless rap verses. If none of these fascinating musical specimens catch your eye, there’s always Speaker of the House, returning for another DJ set in the Malibu Beach House. 

Pro Tip: There is a 15-minute window from 3:30 to 3:45 perfect for a bathroom break or food and drink run before the next group of performers.


Portugal. The Man (rock/psychedelic/indie) Hangout Stage

3LAU (electronic/dance) Boom Boom Tent

Zoogma (electronic/groove/jam) BMI Stage

To balance out all the rockers early on in the day, this afternoon block features two electronic acts, as well as Alaskan indie alternative rock group Portugal. The Pan. For a traditional—if we can start calling it traditional, now—EDM set, 3LAU wil be mashing up and throwing down in the Boom Boom Tent. For something off the beaten path, check out Zoogma, an electronic/jam-band hybrid on the BMI Stage and beg them to do their “Hotel California” cover they call “Hotel Crunkifornia.”


The Neighbourhood (alternative/rock) Surf Stage

Jack Novak (dance/electronic) Malibu Beach House


Atlas Genius (alternative/indie rock) AXS TV Stage


The Griswolds (alternative/indie pop) Mermaid Stage

There is no alternative to the 5 o’clock block on Saturday because it’s all indie alt-rockers. Seriously, though, between The Neighbourhood’s R&B influenced vocals, Atlas Genius’ folky/dreamy vibes, and The Griswolds’ party anthems, take your pick. You can’t go wrong. Also, Jack Novak returns to the Malibu Beach House to keep the party going.


Panic! At The Disco (pop rock/alternative/punk) Hangout Stage

The Whigs (garage rock) BMI Stage


Miike Snow (indie pop/dance) Boom Boom Tent

Panic! At The Disco will take the Hangout Stage Saturday, bringing back memories of our rebellious high-school phases when we did stuff like sneak out and go to Panic! At The Disco shows. Meanwhile, The Whigs are reviving the art of lo-fi garage rock on the BMI Stage. Indie dance pop group Miike Snow will be in the Boom Boom Tent if you want to feel like an “Animal.”


Cage The Elephant (alternative/rock-n-roll) Surf Stage


Hippie Sabotage (hip-hop/groove/chill) Malibu Beach House


Leon Bridges (soul) AXS TV Stage


Nahko and Medicine for the People (world) Mermaid Stage

Saturday’s first headliner is Cage The Elephant, an alt-rock band known for their legendary, high-energy live performances. The group is no stranger to Hangout Festival, and from what I’ve heard, even people who have already seen the band multiple times are not missing this show. Also starting at 7:45 is Hippie Sabotage’s second Hangout set, this time in the more intimate Malibu Beach House. At 8 p.m., Leon Bridges will show off his incredibly soulful style reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s musicians on the AXS TV Stage. If you’re going all in on beachy festival vibes, Nahko and Medicine for the People will take the Mermaid Stage at 8:15.


Foals (rock/alternative/indie) Boom Boom Tent


Calvin Harris (pop/electronic/dance) Hangout Stage

The last Saturday shows include a little role reversal when it comes to venue. Rock group Foals will play the Boom Boom Tent, while insanely popular DJ Calvin Harris (when I say insanely popular, I mean YouTube views in billions with a capital “B”) will take the Hangout Stage to round out day two of Hangout.

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