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Reminder to parents... "check the safety of window treatments"

11 Nov 2016 Staff
Pictured: Rob and Valerie Leonard Pictured: Rob and Valerie Leonard

Despite what parents may think, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has categorized corded window coverings as one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes with nearly one child dying every month due to strangulation and another child suffering each month from near strangulation.  “These figures are disturbing and parents need to be aware that these accidents can be prevented,” says Rob Leonard, a local entrepreneur and advocate for window cord safety.

As a father of three children ages 5 and under and an expert who has installed window treatments in over 10,000 homes in Central Alabama, Rob knows a thing or two about window cord safety.  His Tuscaloosa company, ShutterLuxe, is launching a local online awareness campaign to remind parents to check the safety of their window treatments when childproofing their electrical outlets, stairs, cabinets and other dangerous household hazards.  “I’ve been in the window treatment business over half my life and I want other parents to benefit from my experience in helping consumers identify and choose safe products,” says Rob. 

So what basic tips can you follow to keep your kids safe? Rob says the best prevention is to use cordless window treatments in homes with children.  When that’s not possible, avoid putting beds, cribs, toys or climbable furniture near windows.  Identify window coverings with visible cords and make them inaccessible to children or install tension devises to keep cords taut.  The Window Covering Safety Council also offers free retrofit safety kits for older treatments that cannot be replaced.  To order your free kit, visit www.windowcoverings.org.

“If all we do is prevent one local death or accident, it will all be worth it,” says Rob.  He is urging fellow Alabamians to help spread the word to parents and caregivers.  To learn more about the ShutterLuxe window cord safety campaign, follow ShutterLuxe on Facebook or visit their website.


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