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By Chloe Monte:


The website, Influencer, recently surveyed 40,000 influencers to find out what Halloween candies were the most popular in each state.  


Most states preferred chocolate goodies, such as, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kats, or surgery delights, such as, Candy Corns. 


But those were not the only treats people preferred.  In fact, the list was quite diverse.  Mississippians loved Hershey’s Kisses while Georgians preferred Pixy Stixs. 


The people of Alabama, however, preferred AirHeads!  Very interesting. AirHeads are delicious, so I am not surprised to find out that they ranked so highly.  So, Alabamains, if you want to be the popular house on the block, you know what candy to give out! 


To find out more about how other states ranked, click here


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By Chloe Monte

Haunted houses are everywhere in Alabama and we put together a list of ones to visit if you dare!


Atrox Factory


Columbia Manor


Haunted House of Horrors


Haunted Lester Hospital


Hollis Haunted Chicken House

  • 7522 Hwy 431, Heflin, Alabama 36264
  • $15 1 Token / $25 2 Tokens / $40 3 Tokens
  • Open every Friday and Saturday from 7pm – 12am.
  • http://hauntedchickenhouse.net




Popes Haunted Farm


Sloss Fright Furnace

  • 20 32nd Street North, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • $20 - $24 general admissions
  • All ages can take the furnace tour.  The trail tour is restricted to age 14 and up unless accompanied by adults
  • Open every day of the week
  • http://www.frightfurnace.com/index.asp


Spook Trail Maze of Monsters & Mayhem

  • 17347 Highway 269, Quinton, Alabama
  • $15 general admission or $10 with a canned food item
  • The trail is open every Friday and Saturday night.  It opens at 7pm and closes at 12am.
  • http://spooktrail.tripod.com/spooktrail2.html




Twysted Souls Haunted Trail


Warehouse 31

  • 3150 Lee Street, Pelham, Alabama 35124
  • VIP pass $49.95
  • Gates are open 6:30 pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday and until 11 pm on other nights.
  • Free parking is available.
  • http://warehouse31.com



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By Tori Linville


Maybe it’s a silhouette out of the corner of your eye. It could be hushed voices when no one’s around. Maybe something falls off a shelf unexpectedly. Or a cold rush overcomes you and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


These are just a few experiences you could have in some of Alabama’s haunted places – some people have already had them. We’ve listed some places around your area that are known for their supernatural residents. Feel free to visit – if you dare.




Sloss Furnaces


There’s a reason both paranormal reality shows “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Hunters” have investigated the happenings at Sloss Furnaces. Creepy stories and legends practically hold up the walls to Sloss Furnaces, the old pig iron manufacturer. More than 60 workers died during the furnace’s heyday. The deaths were nasty accidents, though some contest that some were murdered. Here’s what has been experienced:

·      apparitions of figures throughout the furnaces

·      sounds of workers moving behind/beside visitors

·      pipes banging and other residual noises

·      two investigators reported having been slapped in the face


Hotel Highland/Pickwick Hotel


The Hotel Highland features many unexplained events that leave visitors scratching their heads. Known also as the Pickwick Hotel in the 1950s, the building used to be known as The Pickwick Club before that. It was also once a medical building. Some say a nurse still roams the halls of the hotel. Here’s what’s floating around:

·      ghostly figures sighted frequently, including a little girl, a man in a suit in the dining room and a woman in a long dress entering the elevator

·      eerie, cold feeling in basement gym, which used to be a morgue, along with strange smells

·      feeling of being touched

·      feeling of being watched




The Jemison Center at Old Bryce Mental Hospital


There are several things said about “Old Bryce,” and most is usually fiction. Some claim that former slaves were forced back into slavery at the facility. Since it wasn’t founded as a health care provider until the 1920s, the slave theory doesn’t make much sense. Regardless, the patients who lived in the facility most likely did live through the abuse that occurred for many mental patients during the time. Here’s what people have recorded from their visits:

·      unexplained voices, footsteps

·      unexplained slamming doors

·      unexplained hair pulling

·      sensation of being hit or kicked


If visiting Old Bryce sounds like fun to you, we wouldn’t advise it. Trespassers caught on the grounds will be prosecuted for breaking the law.


Moundville Archeological Park


Down the road in Moundville, the Moundville Archeological Park is home to the remains of a large settlement created by the native peoples who lived in the area beside the Black Warrior River. The mounds in the settlement helped support residences, were used for a mortuary and had other uses. It’s said the spirits of the Moundville natives can still be felt among the grounds. Here’s the spooky run-down of what’s been seen and heard:

·      faint drumming heard at night

·      light coming from one of the larger mounds, taking the shape of a pyramid





Kate Shepard House Bed and Breakfast


The gorgeously decorated bed and breakfast has said to have visitors that are always checked in. Run by friendly staff and teaming with Southern charm and history, there’s no questioning why the masses flock to the breathtaking home. Here’s what those who got to check out have reported:

·      an apparition of an elderly woman seen in guest rooms

·      strange presence felt by staff and customers


Battle House Renaissance Hotel


A member of the Historic Hotels of America, the Battle House Renaissance Hotel is known for its luxurious ways. The hotel regularly aces customer reviews, and lists a 4.8 for service and cleanliness via a 5.0 scale on its website. While the hotel has been renovated, history can’t be removed like drywall. Here’s what’s been reported:

·      unexplained voices and apparitions

·      faucets turning on and off by themselves

·      unexplained photo evidence of apparitions




Once known as the state’s capital, Cahaba, Alabama is now a certified ghost town. Eerie, empty buildings are only maintained by the Alabama Historical Commission. Abandoned streets, cemeteries and ruins are the only markers that anyone ever lived in the town.


Check out hauntedplaces.org for more ghostie fun.


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By Courtney Corbridge


Fall isn’t fall without a good corn maze or pumpkin patch. But finding the best one online can prove a challenge. So we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some of the best pumpkin patches in the state—complete with addresses, phone numbers, activities, fees, and hours of operation. It’s all of what you need and none of what you don’t. Find the best one near you!




The Great Pumpkin Patch

39min north of Birmingham

1hr 20min from Huntsville


288 Co Rd. 45, Hayden, Al 35079




Open from Sept. 26–Nov. 1, Birmingham’s Great Pumpkin Patch is the image in your head when you think, “take me to a pumpkin patch.” Here you can take your celebrations to the next level with extreme bungee jumping, an inflatable park, pony rides, and train rides. Admission is free, so any charges are just for what you choose to do.


Mon–Thu, 8am–4pm

Fri and Sat, 8am–6pm

Sun, 1–6pm




$7–9 wagon rides (pumpkin included)

$3–5 inflatable park

$1–3 pony rides

$1–3 train rides

$1–2 petting zoo


Bennett Farms

1hr 8min east of Birmingham

2hrs 5 min from Montgomery


1073 County Road 13

Heflin, AL 36264




Each weekend in October, take your kids for some fun at Bennett Farms. They are complete with hayrides, petting zoos, corn cribs, a hay maze, pipe slide, tire crawl, and wagon train. To top it off, on Saturdays from 11am–1pm, there is live music from guys like John Howle, Russell Blanton, or the David Winkle Band. Don’t miss it.


Fri, 2–5pm

Sat, 9am–5pm

Sun, 1–5pm



$10 child admission (kids younger than 1 are free)

$5 adult admission

$3–20 pumpkins are an additional fee



4D Farm

55min north of Birmingham

1hr 6min from Huntsville



7066 County Road 703

Cullman, Alabama 35055



If there’s a place that has it all, it’s 4D farm. The usual corn box, hayride, pillow jump, petting zoo, hay jump, corn maze, and pumpkin patch are all here. But then there are duck races, pig races, cow trains, and horse swings. And even that’s not all. You still have to add in the massive spider web, 200ft kid’s zipline, corn cannons, pumpkin slingshots, two-story play barn, and the 80ft black mamba slide! Close to both Birmingham and Huntsville, this place is practically an amusement park, and it’s open from Sept. 26–Oct. 31.


Fri, 2–6pm

Sat, 10am–6pm

Sun, 12:30–6pm





$9.95 general admission

$7.95 admission for 65+


Sat & Sun

$10.95 general admission

$7.95 admission for 65+



Pumpkins are an additional fee

$2–4 corn cannon

$2–4 pumpkin slingshots

$4 pony rides 



Pumpkin Patch Express

35min south of Birmingham

53min from Montgomery


1919 9th St

Calera, AL 35040




Combine your pumpkin search with the love of trains! The Pumpkin Patch Express takes you on a 1 1/2 hour ride through the forests of Shelby County, and at the end, you get to pick a pumpkin, jump on the bounce house, and more! It’s a new way to experience the joy of finding your perfect pumpkin every weekend in October.


Train Ride Schedule:

Sat—10am, 1pm, and 3pm (3pm excluded on Oct. 31)

Sun—1pm and 3pm



$14–17 coach

$25 caboose

$35 locomotive

Children under 2 are free



Faye Whittemore Farms

51min northwest of Birmingham

1hr 21min from Huntsville

2hr 18min from Montgomery


1335 Forrester Rd.

Jasper, AL 35504




Put a spin on your pumpkin patch adventures with a pirate-ship playground. Faye Whittmore Farms also has a petting zoo, moonwalk, inflatable slide, fishing, and face painting. It’s a great place for the whole family.


Sat, 10am–5pm

Sun, 1pm–5pm



$10 general admission

Pumpkins are 30 cents per pound.



Old Baker Farm

41 min southeast of Birmingham

1hr 17 min from Montgomery


184 Furrow Lane,

Harpersville, Al 35078




Old Baker Farm goes beyond the regular pumpkin patch with a cotton bounce, civil war reenactment, a cotton patch, hay maze, hay mountain, Indian festival dances, and horseback rides. Everything except food, horseback rides, and the crafts are included in the admission price.


Pumpkin Patch 9/26–10/31

Cotton Picking Celebration 10/24–25


Weekdays (3pm–dark)

Sat. (9am–dark)

Sun. (1pm–dark)



$10 general admission (pumpkin included)


Griffin Farms Pumpkin Patch

46 min southwest of Birmingham


826 Griffin Rd

West Blocton, Alabama




Open from September 26 to October 31, Griffin Farms Pumpkin Patch has hayrides, corn cribs, a corn maze, petting zoo, swings, bouncy obstacle course, tire mountain, culvert slide, hay mountain, 450-foot zip line, 18-foot rock climbing wall, and 7-foot kids climbing wall. With an extra fee, you can also get your face painted and take a pony ride.


Sat, 9am–6pm

Sun, 12–6pm



$10 general admission (pumpkin included)

$5 pony rides

$5–10 face painting


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By Courtney Corbridge


By the time summer rolled around each year, the only things left in my trick-or-treat pillowcase at the base of my closet were a few rolls of Smarties and a bunch of empty wrappers. Summer popsicles and ice cream cones set my sweet tooth at bay, but by September, when I found myself back in school, I often had one thing on the edge of my mind—Halloween. I dreamed of dressing up, bringing home my weight in chocolate, and then trading out treats with my siblings on the living room floor. It was one of the great meccas of childhood.


But not for everyone. In fact, while almost all of my friends loved dressing up and going from house to house, a few of them got the short end of the stick when it came to trick or treating. And the biggest setback was typically allergies! One of my closest friends was actually allergic to chocolate! Can you imagine? Others had peanut allergies, and others weren’t allowed to have sugar. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common thing for a lot of kids. The most common kid allergies include milk, eggs, nuts, and wheat. So how can we help those deserving kids find the magic in Halloween and trick or treating as well? Here are a few alternatives you can consider to your typical candy-in-a-bowl routine.


--Mini Nail Polish

--Spider Stamps

--Hair Accessories

--Crazy Straws

--Small Bags of Legos

--Mini Whistles

--Mini Bubbles Bottles

--Foam Masks


--Halloween Cookie Cutters

--Finger Puppets

--Mini Notepads or Coloring Books

--Temporary Tattoos

--Bouncy Balls

--Mini Slinkys

--Halloween Rings

--Halloween Erasers

--Mini Playdoughs


--Sticky Hands


--Fake Dracula Teeth

--Mini Flash Lights


Last year Food Allergy Research and Education, Inc. (FARE) started an awareness program for kids with allergies called The Teal Pumpkin Project. Families who are committed to giving healthy alternatives on Halloween can put a teal pumpkin by their doorstep so that trick or treaters and their parents can identify allergy-friendly homes. If you would like to join in, please visit http://www.foodallergy.org/teal-pumpkin-project#.VfhBtxFVikp to learn more. 


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