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When the summer heat is a thing of the past, Alabama comes alive to celebrate together. Whether you want to enjoy great food, ride a train, or take your dog for a run, you can find a great event to attend in Alabama.

By Chloe Monte


There are some amazing pumpkin spiced recipes out there, but with so many options,  it is hard to find the best ones.  So we put together a list of the top 5 pumpkin spiced foods in Alabama.  Mmmm!  Enjoy!


1.) Maple Pumpkin Cupcake, Twist Cupcakes, Mobile


These cupcakes are to die for, truly.  They would go perfect with any fall birthday party or even as desserts for Halloween or Thanksgiving.


2.) Gingersnap Pumpkin PiePie Lab, Greensboro


If you like pumpkin pie, you will not find a better one than at the Pie Lab.  Get there early because they go fast. 


3.) Pumpkin Cheesecake, Liger’s Bakery, Montgomery


Pumpkin cheesecake is this amazing combination of two really great things.  Give Liger’s Bakery’s pumpkin cheesecake a try.  It will not disappoint. 


4.) Pumpkin Spiced Latte CupcakeGigi’s, Tuscaloosa


If you are in town for a game, head over to Gigi’s to try this cupcake flavor. In fact, order a bunch for game day parties.  Your guests will be thankful. 



Article sponsored by PRIDE of Tuscaloosa.

Find them on the web at: http://www.prideoftuscaloosa.org




No matter where you live in Alabama, you are close to something fun to do this fall. And since the weather is so nice, it’s hard not to get out of the house and join up with the community. Here are a few of our favorite seasonal activities for each of the big areas of the state.



We did it: We just booked our first-ever trip to Europe! 12 days of fun and frolicking in London and Paris. And of course, this means a lot of walking. As much as I heart my Antelope wedges, something tells me they won’t work so well on the cobblestone streets of the UK and France. No, I need new kicks that will give me enough support to walk much more than I normally do.

Check out some of the best museums in the state.

One of the best summer treats comes in a truck, a cup, a cone and a range of other vehicles. It comes with sprinkles, fudge, whipped cream or any other topping that a tummy desires. Ice cream is a timeless treat that is enjoyed by every age from one to 99. It’s happiness in a scoop, which is why we’ve got the top ice cream sellers in your areas right here.

Instead of sweating in the summer heat, local museums offer an air conditioned way to stimulate the brain. Museums all throughout Alabama have many features to offer and some even serve lunch after taking in all there is to see. We’ve got a list of museums just ready and waiting for you to visit. Get to know about them here!

Summer means sun and sun means sunscreen. The best sunscreens come with a combination of ingredients that not only block ultraviolet light, but treat your skin well in the process. Before even thinking about buying a sun block that you think is right for you, check out which ingredients are best for your skin.

With warmer days and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, the greater outdoors serve many purposes. Fishing, swimming and hiking are just a few, but the best places are those with prime picnicking real estate.  Here are some of those great spaces!

Have you ever been to a vacation spot so fast and so beautiful, that you wish it were your home? That’s how I feel anytime I stay along the stunning Gulf Coast. From the shores of Mississippi to the vast, emerald waters of the Florida Panhandle, to the sugar white sands of the Alabama Gulf Coast, the area offers numerous vacation spots boasting genuine, natural beauty.

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