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Doggie Summer Treats Featured

By Tori Linville


It’s hard work keeping up with a human. And in the summer? A pup needs a break every once in a while. There’s only so much man’s best friend can do without opposable thumbs! What’s a person to do? Start with frozen dog treats specially made with summer in mind and never look back. May you be the god you dog thinks you are.


DIY Ice Lick


Fill a bucket with water or chicken or beef broth. Fill it with the normal dog treats your sidekick usually likes or any dog toys laying around. Freeze and present to your four legged friend. The treats and toys will create a happy reward for persistence and you’ll be able to relax with a happy pup.


PB and Fruit Ice Circle


Blend a half cup of peanut butter and water in a blender and pour into a bundt cake pan. Add one cup of chopped fruit* and two tablespoons of flax seeds. Freeze for about four to six hours.


*Fruits that are dog friendly include apples (no seeds), bananas, blueberries, kiwis, lemon, watermelon (without the rind), oranges, peaches (no pit), pineapples and strawberries.




Blend ripe bananas, some plain yogurt, peanut butter, honey and water until you have a consistent texture. Pour into ice cube trays, and stick a dog bone in the middle for a fun (and useless) popsicle handle. Freeze overnight.

Basically, just mix a healthy dog-friendly bunch of ingredients into different shapes, freeze and watch an excited tail wag!


Article sponsored by Holy Spirit.

Find them on the web at: http://www.hschurch.com


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