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Summer Treats to Beat the Heat

By Tori Linville


So the new of summer has just about worn off and the local fro-yo store has been visited so many times, they know your name. Sound familiar? Don’t panic! We have some game changers for you. All of these easy-to-make summer treats can be made in the comfort of your judgment-free home. Sure enough, these will become your summertime staples in no time.


Homemade Slurpee


Though this recipe takes some time, it’s only in the beginning and then you have your slurpee in minutes. The best part is that it can be made with different sodas, but the freezing times might change.


            What you’ll need:   

                        500 mL of your favorite soda


            What you’ll make:

                        Shake the bottle heavily for five to 10 seconds to increase pressure. Then, put it in the freezer for about three and a half to four hours. Here’s where you get experimental. This recipe says for three hours and 50 minutes is the ideal slurpee time – as in to where it’s almost frozen, but not really.


                        Remove the bottle from the freezer and in one continuous movement, unscrew the cap and quickly tighten it back up. Turn the bottle upside down and return it upright. Ice crystals should immediately start forming.  Pour into a glass and enjoy.


For more explanation into the recipe, find it here.


Homemade Slushee


The difference from the slurpee? Many things. Mainly texture. Which is why by the end of creating this sweet treat, you’ll be a slushee-slurpee expert. You’re welcome.


            What you’ll need:

                        4 cups of ice

                        1 cup of sugar

                        1 1/2 tsp. of raspberry extract (or any other flavor you’re feeling

                        4-6 drops of food coloring (any color, really)


            What you’ll make:

                        Mix water and sugar. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Then add in the extract, stirring well. Add in the food coloring until you get the color you want.

Pour into a blender until roughly blended for perfect slushee texture.

We changed things around a little bit, so check out the original recipe here to get an idea of what’s really going on.


Fruity Flops


From Betty Crocker herself, these cute little treats will have you looking at your summer shoes in a whole new light. Rice Krispy bars in the shape of flip flops? Definitely.


            What you’ll need:

                        1 crispy marshmallow bar – homemade or store bought should be fine needs to be at least four by two inches colored candy sprinkles

                        1 roll of Fruit Roll Ups (one roll up per flop)

                        2 Fruit Gushers (one gusher per flop)


            What you’ll make:

                        First, cut the marshmallow into the shape of a flip flop, then press candy sprinkles onto the sides of the flip flop shapes.        


                        Then unroll Fruit Roll-Up and remove the paper. Cut two strips to form a V-shape to create the flip flop straps. Place Fruit Gusher a the tip of the V.


See the recipe here.


Banana Split Bites


These don’t actually have ice cream in them, making them healthier but just as sweet. This recipe takes a little bit more TLC, but what results will be appreciated by your taste buds.


            What you’ll need:   

                        1 inch pieces of pineapple (one per bite)

                        bite-sized un-ripe pieces of banana (one per bite)

                        medium sized strawberry pieces (one per bite)

                        2.5 oz. dark chocolate

                        1 tsp. coconut oil

                        chopped nuts/coconut (if you feel like it)


            What you’ll make:

                        First cut the fruit and assemble so that each bite has a piece of each fruit.  Skewer with a popsicle stick and freeze. Melt chocolate with coconut oil and stir frequently so it doesn’t burn. Once melted, dip the fruit in the chocolate and sprinkle with optional nuts/coconut then place on baking sheet to harden. Freeze again until ready to serve.

We simplified the recipe slightly, so look here for reference if needed.


Article sponsored by Lakeside Dental.

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