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Thanksgiving List of Ingredients

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If you are anything like me, you like to plan out your week so you can be best efficient with your time and money.  However, this does not always happen, especially when one needs to make a large meal for many guests.  So, this list of ingredients was put together to help you manage your time well over the Thanksgiving week. 


The meal:


Roast turkey

Homemade dressing

Cranberry sauce

Baked sweet potatoes

Green bean casserole

Cornbread or brown and serve rolls

Pickle and raw veggie tray

Pumpkin pie

Apple crisp


The Check-Your-Pantry List (buy if necessary):


•  Flour, about 4 cups

•  Sugar, about 2 cups

•  Brown sugar, 2-3 cups

•  Honey, 1 cup and maybe a little more

•  Thyme, dried, around 3 tsp

•  Lemon-pepper seasoning, around 2 tsp

•  Cooking oil, plain, a few tablespoons

•  Cooking spray

•  Pumpkin pie spice around 1 1/2 tsp

•  Salt and pepper

•  Cornmeal, 1 cup (if you’re making cornbread)

•  Baking powder, around 4 tsp (for cornbread)

•  Cinnamon, around 1 tsp

•  Oatmeal, around 1 cup

•  Vegetable or chicken bouillon, 4-5 tsp




•  Frozen Turkey, 10-12 lbs

•  Onions, around 3 lbs

•  Celery, 1 large bunch

•  Carrots, 1 lb

•  Garlic, 1 head, or 2 if you’re keen on it

•  French or Italian bread, sliced, 1 loaf

•  Eggs (you’ll need 7)

•  Butter, 1 lb

•  Cranberries, fresh, 2 bags

•  Sweet potatoes, large fresh, 1/2 = one serving, so as many as you need

•  Potatoes, large baking, if desired

•  Green beans, regular cut frozen, 2 one-pound packages

•  Mushrooms, 1 pound fresh or 2 8-oz cans

•  Milk, 1 quart

•  French fried onion rings, 1 can

•  Pumpkin, 1 15-oz can (plain pumpkin, not pie filling)

•  Prepared frozen pie crust (if you’re not making your own or lack a pie plate)

•  Evaporated milk, 1 12-oz can

•  Apples, tart baking, 2 pounds

•  Whipped cream, 1 spray can of the real stuff, or Vanilla ice cream

•  Veggie and pickle tray items: pickles, olives, pepperoncini, radishes, green onions, etc. to taste

•  Brown and serve rolls if you opt out of baking your own bread or cornbread

•  Green peas or other frozen veg if desired


And, do not forget the beverages of choice: beer, wine, juice, coffee, sweet tea…


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