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By Tori Linville


College dorms are a home away from home, so it’s only natural to make it more comfortable. Some go the full nine yards and hire an interior decorator, but there are some easy and affordable decorating hacks that don’t break the bank. Check out what tips we picked up from Pinterest and add them to your room this semester!


Utilize as much wall space as possible


Use the walls around you as the built-in space savers they were meant to be:


·      Use clear command hooks, staggered down the wall to hang up festive jewelry for eye-popping color. Another option would to decorate a bulletin board with colorful jewelry pieces that dry the eye.

·      Create a simple shape out of pictures for a collage that doubles as a focal point on the wall.

·      Hang some strings of lights around your room to offset the harsh fluorescence of the dorm light.

·      Using some cheap twine string, command hooks and clothespins, create a picture collage by stringing the twine along in a random shape. Attach photos to the string with the clothespins


Optimize storage space wherever possible


·      Hang a refrigerator caddy over your mini fridge to store utensils and dishes

·      Use hollow ottomans for multi-purpose seating and storage

·      Hang storage racks inside closets and use hangers that can be staggered in closets

·      Cut up old cereal boxes for desk organizers

·      Repurpose a shower caddy for above-the-desk organization

·      If you don’t have a side table, use a bedside caddy for storage

·      If you aren’t using an over-the-door shoe rack for actual shoes, make the a storage hub for crafts, make up, hats, etc.


Most importantly, have fun!


Photo Credit: hercampus.com


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