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Finding the Right Convertible

By Tori Linville


So you want a convertible? Before you imagine the whole wind in your hair thing, you have to get the wheels first. We’ve listed a few options for you to consider, along with some tips to matching you with your ideal vehicle.


Obviously, a budget needs to be decided before moving ahead with the purchase. So imagining the perfect convertible for you involves some visualization and creativity. Another helpful way to determine what you’re willing to invest your money in would be to make a list of what you want in a convertible.


Here are a few things to consider, according to Consumer Reports:


·      The biggest priority – the price

The lowest price for convertibles sits at $20,000. If your budget is limited, the best advice would be to save until it isn’t, unless you plan to purchase a used convertible.


While a new car offers the latest technology, the used car market can be a more sensible option for many. Testing the reliability is the obvious action when looking at used convertibles.


·      Safety

This concern pretty much explains itself, but we’ll still make a few points. You’ll of course want to ensure antilock brakes, electronic stability control, standard dual front air bags and three-point safety belts just to start.


·      Fuel Economy

Convertibles are known to be zippy little suckers, so vehicles can range in size. Some models might require premium fuel, adding to operation costs.


·      Hard Top vs. Soft Top and Manual vs. Auto Top

Soft tops are known for allowing things to slip by it, so a multi-layered headliner will help where the soft top doesn’t. Hard tops obviously protect the car better but are pricier.


A manual top has a downside of needing to be stored after being removed, while an auto top is quick and efficient, but needs a big trunk to collapse into.


Consumer Reports’ favorites included Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Audi and Subaru for 2015. Check out the pricings for the latest models of some of the mentioned manufacturers.


·      2015 Lexus IS

Up to 30 miles per gallon (highway)

Starting at $43,000


·      2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Up to 28 miles per gallon (highway

Starting at $23,000


·      2015 Audi A5

Up to 29 miles per gallon (highway)

Starting at $47,000

Of course, factors will all depend on what you plan to use the convertible for. To see more info. and selection, check out this article to guide you to your perfect fit.


Article sponsored by Townsend Auto.

Find them on the web at: http://www.townsendautofamily.com

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