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By Tori Linville


Road trips require a sense of adventure, time and most of all, patience. Traffic is a guaranteed obstacle and keeping the family entertained during jams or open stretches of road can be forgotten in the bustle of activity. So bringing entertainment to pass the time is always a good idea. Thanks to Pinterest and common sense, there are some easy, innovative ways to keep your passengers satisfied.


Portable DVD Player

Some cars have WiFi hotspots built in and if you have one, just substitute the DVD player for an iPad with downloaded entertainment for hours. If not, slipping in a favorite movie can easily kill a couple of hours of the journey. Pick favorites while packing, then sit back and relax.


Snack Smorgasbord

Use an old tackle box as a way to store a variety of mini-snacks for the ride. By using each little compartment as a place for some Chex Mix, crackers and other snacks, this smart idea knocks out a lot of birds with one stone. Not only are different snacks accommodated for different tastes, storage is saved by compiling the goodies into one box.


Backseat Activity Center

Throw an old cloth shoe rack over the back of a car seat to maximize space. Load the shoe rack up with books, snacks, drinks and other must haves. This way, whatever a passenger needs is right in front of them. While this is great for children, others can benefit too.


Book on CD

Rent a book on CD from your local library and bring it with you to listen to during the trip. By sliding the book on CD into the CD player, it allows a group experience in which even the driver can participate. Conversation starter, for sure.


Baking Sheet Activity Tray

Slide a regular baking sheet under the seat for a passenger to use as multi-functional surface. The tray can be used as a writing surface for crossword puzzles, craft surface for little ones or even a table for lunch on the go.

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