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Lake Living: Relaxing shouldn’t be work Featured

By Allison Adams

September. Is it really already here?! With the temps rising to the triple digits in July, I have to say I welcome the end of summer.


But isn’t that what the seasons are really about? They provide change for us just in time, bringing much-needed relief from monotony. We can’t help it, we are wired this way, and our super-fast technical lives are making it even more difficult for us to learn to relax.


We anticipate and eagerly await summer as she rolls in, the sun and some warm patches heating up our springs, until we are full-blown into the middle of summer. We enjoy a little time at the beach, in a boat on the lake, but then suddenly we find ourselves in a little round plastic tub in desperate search of activities for kids and relief from the heat.


Just yesterday I felt a cool breeze on the back side of a pop-up thunderstorm. It was like a touch of fall breeze heaven caressing my face. Well, maybe it was still in the low 90s, but to me, it smelled a bit like fall.


Fall is on the way, tempting us just as summer did. You can see it coming in the store displays, as owners scurry about, getting ready for the influx of students. The lake has even been quieter than usual, as everyone squeezes in a last-minute vacation before buckling down to tackle school supply lists and soccer sign ups. You can almost feel the football fever coming across the rocky cliffs that surround the waters’ edge on Lake Tuscaloosa. The thought brings chill bumps to my arms! But for now, let’s make the most of the summer that we have left with the kids. 


I find it amusing that even here in the South, we have to work to relax. There are classes on relaxation. We create rooms to help us find our Zen. We drink to take the edge off. We exercise to de-stress. We spend money for counselors who are supposed to help us find our “center.”


Why would we “work” to relax when all around us, God has rolled out the best therapy. Relaxation is guaranteed when you stop and immerse yourself in a sunset, walking along the lake’s shore, and then you look over and spot a turtle sliding off a log, enjoying an evening dip. There is no better Zen than to listen to a stream trickle down a hill to the lake below. Paddling in a canoe or kayak can add some vigorous workout to your search for “chi.” 


May you embrace the heat and push through. Before long, we will be deep into fall and wishing for some winter winds to get us through ‘til spring. Hey! It’s how we roll!


If you’ve been hiding out in the A/C all summer and didn’t realize summer was just about over, you still have time to make those special family summer memories. If you are all out of ideas, no one can resist loading in the truck (we have been known to just go pick up the neighborhood and take them in the RV for ice cream) and heading to Sonic for a cold blast of something. Or try some night bowling in the air conditioning before it is filled once again with college students. After all, right now, we locals still have the run of the place! 


Blessings from Lake Tuscaloosa, and Happy End-of-Summer,


Allison Adams




Photo: Allison Adams


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