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What to pack for Hangout Festival

By Christopher Chase Edmunds


So you’ve made plans to attend Hangout Festival, and you can’t wait to enjoy some great music on the sugar white beaches of Gulf Shores. Here are some key items that you need to pack to make the most of your Hangout experience.



Hydration is key on the beach, so make sure you bring a Camelbak or something similar. There are hydration stations all over the festival grounds, so you can refill anytime you need some cool H2O. Water bottles will work too, but Camelbaks will make life a lot easier because of the added storage space for other essentials like sunscreen and sunglasses.


Towel or Blanket

Unless you like sand in your shorts, bring something to spread out and mark your territory while waiting for your favorite band to take the stage. The two main stages are on the beach, so you will need a blanket or towel at some point during the weekend. A common practice is to dig makeshift couches into the sand, so watch your step.


Totem or Flagpole

If you plan on attending Hangout in a large group, bring a totem of some kind. Your group will split up at some point since there are so many good acts to see, so a tall flagpole or sign unique to the group will save a lot of time and frustration when everyone tries to meet up for the headliner later in the day. Keep in mind that cell service is spotty at best, so make a plan and stick to it.


Sun Protection

This may sound obvious, but Hangout is literally on the beach, so pack plenty of sunscreen just like you would a family vacation. The worst thing you can do is get sunburnt on the first day of the festival. Bring a hat and sunglasses, but don’t worry about looking cool; functionality is all that matters at Hangout, so make sure that sun hat keeps the back of your neck nice and shady.


A Friendly Attitude

Alabama is known for its southern hospitality, so be nice to everyone you see. Strike up a conversation with the people near you. Everyone is here to have a good time, and odds are you share good taste in music. Have fun and make some friends!


Photo: Christopher Chase Edmunds




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