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By Courtney Corbridge


If it’s one thing true Southern women know, it’s fashion. And while pearls are always in style for women from Huntsville to Tuscaloosa to Mobile, why not consider adding a little extra flair? This fall mix up your look with bold pieces, simple pieces, or both!


For the bold:

·      Big and Bright

While the rich colors of the harvest may be just around the corner, the vibrant colors of summer still reign in the world of jewelry. Trending now are large multi-colored crystals paired against each other or with vibrant contrast bands.


 JCrew’s ombre crystal statement necklace features clusters of crystals that gradually move from creams to teals then pinks to greens and deep blues.


For even greater pop, the JCrew leather brulé bracelet showcases a host of rainbow sheen crystals on the backdrop of a fluorescent yellow leather band.


·      One-Sided

If you’re feeling extra daring, ditch the “pair” and go with a now-trending runway look of a solo stud or drop earring.


For the understated:


·      Bunches of Bangles

Another trend making it big is the bangle. Wear one simple bangle or load up and mix and match them. Find Kendra Scott’s cuff bracelet series at Nordstrom, or for a finer piece, check out Tiffany’s infinity knot cuff.


·      Long Pendant Chains

The retro long chain and pendant are big this fall. Get out an old thin chain or check out the y-chains at Nordstrom. Chan Luu’s beaded double strand is a favorite.


For the classical:

·      Pearly Whites

The surge in pearl popularity (finally the rest of the world gets it!) lets you break out your strands in grand fashion. Twist them together to wear them in new ways or find a pearl brooch or hair piece to accessorize with.


·      Bring the Brooch

Brooches are not just what you found in your grandmother’s jewelry box. They are coming back full force with Prada, Chanel, and Calvin Klein—in metals, flowerets, and organic shapes. Find one to dress up your fall cardigans, jackets and sweaters. And really, let’s face it: Women of Alabama, we almost all have a special family heirloom brooch tucked away in our lovely, monogrammed jewelry boxes, do we not? Time to show it off!


Article sponsored by Nancy and Co.

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We did it: We just booked our first-ever trip to Europe! 12 days of fun and frolicking in London and Paris. And of course, this means a lot of walking. As much as I heart my Antelope wedges, something tells me they won’t work so well on the cobblestone streets of the UK and France. No, I need new kicks that will give me enough support to walk much more than I normally do.

By Tori Linville


Any season can do a number on the hair. Summer and spring humidity causes frizz and sweat. Winter and fall cause dryness and static. So it makes sense to be armed with some of the best hair care available. Here’s just a few options to add to your routine.


Herbal Essences Set Me Up Mousse Extra Hold, $3.99


This mousse keeps hair in place without getting super crunchy and annoying. It keeps hair in check for the entire day (no touch-ups needed!) and doesn’t break the bank either. What more is there to say?


Neutrogena Silk Touch Leave-In Cream, $7.99


This fragrant hair cream does some serious work on your do and garners some great results. After a shower, apply the cream for silky, luxurious hair that will have everyone asking which hair salon you use.


Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner, $2.99


This conditioner makes your hair look salon ready with just one use. Soft, shiny, smooth – you name it, customers are saying it about their hair after using this Dove product. There’s not much to lose here anyways, so why not give it a go?


It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In, $15.49


While this leave-in cream is more pricey, it’s worth the bottled miracle. The spray conditioner leaves hair soft and detangled and isn’t phased by the weather changes either.


Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo, $14.99


This PM shampoo leaves your hair moisturized and cleansed all while making it smell great as well. It adds a little tingle that wakes up hair roots for body that will leave your hair extra bouncey.


OGX Renewing Morrocan Argan Oil Shampoo, $5.74


This shampoo (the whole beauty line, really) cares for hair in the best way possible. The Morrocan Argan Oil formula leaves hair soft and shiny and ready for the day. What more could you want?


Image credit: OGX.com


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